Thursday August 29, 2019-Meru Senator, Mithinka Linturi’s estranged wife, Marianne Kitany, has claimed that her husband was involved in the death of their house help in 2017.

Testifying before Milimani Court on Wednesday,Kitany recounted how the house help died under mysterious circumstances after revealing that the senator was sleeping around with other women.

Kitany claimed that she was supposed to meet the house girl on a Saturday but she died before that day. 

“After that last meeting of 1sth October, around 2nd, 3rd, I think it was two days after, my maid from Meru called me. I had two maids, then they were my workers, calls me and tells me madam I need to speak to you. So I asked her why she wants to speak to me. So she tells me she is uncomfortable, she wants to leave work. I tell her I will coming soon to Meru and she says and she say she has not been going on well and she wants to see me if she could come to Nairobi.

“I told her she should not come to Nairobi, I will come myself to Meru and since I knew Mithika Linturi was going to go to Switzerland that weekend. I then mentioned that I come that weekend to see her but I asked her what the main problem was and she told me I you aware of the ladies who are always brought to the house,"Kitany said.

The wife also said that the senator cheated with other women forcing her to reconsider the idea of divorce. 

 The hearing continues……


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