Wednesday, August 21, 2019 - Former Citizen TV news anchor, Janet Mbugua, has given her two cents on period sex stating that it is perfectly ok to sail in the red sea.

Taking to her YouTube channel, the celebrated media personality said she decided to address this controversial topic because it was the most asked question from her followers.

However, she warns that certain safety measures need to be taken like using protection against Sexually Transmitted Infections.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong, I just think you have to take certain precautions, you have to have a towel, you have to make sure that you’ve covered the sheets I guess.”

“Some people find it very messy but I don’t think there is anything wrong per se in terms of is it a health risk etc.”

“Just take precautions is what I would say and here is another thing I would say, have your partner wear a latex condom if possible.”

“It will protect against pregnancy and STIs,” she said.

On the same breath, the mother of two opened up on her struggles with endometriosis which makes her periods painful.

“I had a lot of pain during my periods, I still do and if I don’t take contraceptives I still have the pain.”

“Ended up that I have ovarian cysts growing so I had a laparoscopy that was many years ago.”

“Because my pain was so bad I felt like there was something wrong about that,” she said.


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  1. its disgusting. period. unless u are a woman who can only get pregnant during menses