Friday, August 2, 2019 - Classic 105 presenter, Maina Kageni, has a message for ladies who are secretly in love with married men, following the rising cases of side-chicks popping out after the death of their lovers.

We have witnessed the drama between Ken Okoth’s secret lover, Anita, and his family, which has washed Ken’s dirty linen in public.

Kageni advises side-chicks like Anita to come out and make themselves known when their secret lovers are still alive.

“Go to his shagz and make yourself known. What are you waiting for? Avoid all that drama when that nigga drops dead. I know of people and the father is so wealthy it’s ridiculous? If you are not known to his people what security do you have?” The radio presenter posed.

“Go to his sister’s office and make yourself known if need be. Those friends of mine, if I tell you who the father is you might faint. Because of how he looks like a holy joe in public.” 

Popping up at a funeral is such an old trick, the family can easily deal with this. Get known by his family when he is still alive,” he added.


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  1. nonsense. you as the man you cant stomach it if your wife knew you have a mwk so stop pretending