Monday August 5, 2019 - A section of Luo Council of Elders have summoned the widow of Kibra MP, Ken Okoth, Monica, for traditional burial rituals in Kabondo, Homa Bay County, in line with Luo community traditions.

Addressing journalists on Monday, the Council’s Chairman, John Ogeda, said the rituals must be conducted because Okoth was neither brought home nor buried in line with Luo traditions.

Ogeda also explained that when the body of the deceased is not buried in a grave, then a banana stem is usually buried in place of the body and that family members must be present.

Part of the rituals would include ‘inheriting’ Monica as per longstanding Luo traditions which dictate that a widow can be remarried by a brother of her late husband.

Okoth was cremated early on Saturday morning at Nairobi’s Kariokor Crematorium in a private event attended by just a few family members and friends.


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  1. Dear Dr. Matiangi,

    I write to you this morning with a mixture of soo many emotions and I can no longer keep silent on hopes that something will change or be done and yet nothing is getting done. This is specifically to do with the gangs in Mombasa and the same are known to the security organs in my county.

    The gangs go by several names all beginning with "Wakali...", and I am wondering, are they too tough, too strong, too powerful for your ministry? Aren't you the Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Coordination of National Security? We do not have security in Mombasa and I appeal to you as a leader I respect to kindly take action sir. I am angry, angry that members of my church could not go home because of the gang violence yesterday night. Angry that my fellow citizens had to run and hide and anothers left home to seek for secure accommodation away from their homes.

    I am angry to hear that some are in hospital because they were attacked, hacked with machetes as though we do not have a government in Kenya. Not only am I angry but I am scared, scared that these gangs are getting bolder and bolder and soon they might just rule the rest of the County and not just pockets in Bamburi, Kisauni and Likoni. I am scared of driving through these areas at night and soon, even during the day. I am scared that nothing will be done by the police and county administration and we citizens will be on our own. To be honest, I am also sad, crying, wondering when our government will stop sitting back and watching as criminals continue to terrorize its own citizens. Images like the ones I have attached should not be seen again, this is not right at all and must be dealt with forcefully. We do have a government in Kenya and it is your responsibility sir, it is in your job description to ensure there is security in this nation.

    Dr. Matiangi, these criminals are not the worst that we have in Kenya, those who are worse than them are the people who are all these and yet sit back and do nothing. Do it be among these, do something ##Endgangviolence #ActNowDrMatiangi