Wednesday August 21, 2019 - Meru Senator, Mithinka Linturi’s estranged wife, Marianne Kitany, has revealed details of how she splashed millions of shillings to spice up her marriage with the outspoken Senator.

Testifying in their divorce hearing at a Milimani court on Wednesday, Kitany told the judge that on more than one occasion, she personally dug deep in her pockets, just to express the love she had for the Senator.

She alleged that when they first met, Linturi was broke and could not afford rent.

Kitany, who is a former aide to Deputy President William Ruto, claimed that she invited Linturi to live in her house in Kileleshwa.

“I came to learn later that he had rent arrears and I assisted by paying…he asked for some money to pay rent and much later I got to see letters from the landlord.”

“I gave him Sh 200, 000,” Kitany told the Judge.

Kitany also told the court that in 2014, the couple travelled to Australia to enroll all their children in school at a cost of Sh 11million, which she paid

She also revealed that on December 2015, she forked out another Sh 800,000 after they both took their family to Mauritius for a two-week trip.

She put the last nail in the coffin by revealing that in January 2016, she hired an architect and started the construction of their house in Meru, at a cost of Sh36million.

“The chunk of that money was from my pocket…I gave Sh26 million.”

“I gave out that money because we had agreed to stay together as husband and wife,” she said.


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