Sunday August 18, 2019-National Super Alliance (NASA) leader, Raila Odinga, has been left with an egg on his face after his attempt to dismiss Dr Ekuru Aukot’s Punguza Mzigo Initiative backfired badly.

Speaking on Saturday during the burial of former Gem MP Joe Donde’s mother Mama Eva, Raila Odinga urged Kenyans to ignore Punguza Mizigo campaigns saying Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report will be the only legitimate document for the referendum question.

Raila maintained that the Punguza Mizigo draft was not consultative in any saying that the BBI is the only taskforce that traversed the country seeking people’s views hence will be drafted based on the public’s views.

“It will inform the referendum question which will be drafted in the form of a Bill and be taken to the members of the public through county assemblies for consideration,” said Raila.

However, irritated online users could hear none of Raila’s pleas promising to stand by what they termed as ‘Mwanainchi’s voice’ the Punguza Mizigo Initiative.

According to most of them, greedy leaders were using the BBI to make sure that they hang on to power adding more load on the already heavy burdened Kenyans, unlike the Punguza Mizigo Initiative which they said will offload some ‘useless’ load from Kenyans.

Here are comments from some Kenyans.

Did you know Raila uses Luos as his Cows, Goats, Fish etc to trade with?the more they are being shots in the streets the heavier the envelope he is awarded grows by Kenyatta ! Many thought it was heroic.. NAH. He has been using politics as his business by risking pple's lives,” Juok Oluoch wrote.

Aai this guy why ignore?wanjiku wa Kenya dye anaamua hii mambo ,akwende huko,” Terry wanjiku wrote.

“Kenyans lets unite and support punguza mzigo sisi ndio tunaumia c raila ama uhuru,” Lee Ngugi wrote.


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