Friday, August 02, 2019 - Racheal Shebesh is on the receiving from Kenyans on social media over her remarks during the funeral service of late Bomet Governor, Dr. Joyce Laboso.

While paying tribute to the late Governor, Shebesh, who is the CAS for Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs, showered praises on Laboso’s husband, Dr Edwin Abonyo, and seemed to aim a dig at her spouse.

Shebesh said that Dr. Abonyo was a gift to Laboso from heaven, whereas hers “came to her while walking”.

“Edwin, you are a true reflection of love. Joyce told us that she is luckier than all of us combined. And, I agree. You are all those husbands who come from heaven. Ours came walking, whereas you came from heaven. She said it a thousand times. If you did not know that, know it today. All the conversations I had with Joyce were about your love,” said Shebesh.

Cheeky Kenyans have accused Shebesh of having a plan to inherit Laboso’s husband.

Watch the video below and reactions.


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