Wednesday August 7, 2019-Mother to late Kibra Member of Parliament Ken Okoth, Angeline Ajwang’, has lashed out at Luo elders who have been making a range of ridiculous demands following her late son’s cremation.

Speaking yesterday, Ms Ajwang told the elders to keep off her affairs on grounds that they were nowhere to be seen during the entire period, and only emerged after the cremation, in the media.

She insisted that the elders must now let the deceased rest in peace.

“The best thing they could have done is to come and sit down with me as the mother instead of going to the media. They should let my son rest in peace,” she stated.

He also denied claims of having agreed to the cremation idea, considering that she has been pushing for the body to be buried at her home in Ongenga village in Kabondo Kasipul.

“They saw what happened, did you even see one of them coming to me to give advice on what should happen? They now say I was part of the cremation idea, did they see me attend the ceremony?” she added.

A splinter group led by Nyandiko Ongadi has insisted that some traditional rituals be held owing to the fact that Okoth's body was cremated, which goes against Luo customs.

They also wanted Okoth's widow Monica Okoth, an Italian national, be subjected to some rituals, including wearing the Okoth's clothes during the mourning period.

Okoth was cremated at the Kariokor crematorium on Saturday, a week after he succumbed to cancer of the colon at the Nairobi Hospital.



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