Sunday August 4,2019- Late Kibra MP , Ken Okoth ‘s clandestine lover , Anita Muthoni Nthumbi ,has vowed to head back to court after she was kept in the dark about plans to cremate the legislator.

Her lawyer Elkanah Mogaka accused Mr Okoth’s family of disobeying a consent signed in court on Friday that had allowed five-year old boy Jayden Baraka Okoth to participate in the funeral arrangements.

Okoth was cremated on saturday morning at Kariokor crematorium

Mr Mogaka said Mr Okoth’s cremation was done in secrecy without the involvement of Anne.

"Anne only knew about the cremation through a tweet by Orange “I can confirm to you that Jayden was not included in the cremation ceremony and as it stands the family is in disobedience of the court order and we will take action on the same on Monday. We must respond,” Mr Mogaka said.

On his side Okoth’s family lawyer, Edwin Sifuna said the event was private and that Ms Thumbi’s side had opted out.


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