Thursday, August 1, 2019 - There has been push and pull between the late Ken Okoth’s baby mama, Ann Muthoni Mumbi, and his family.

Ann Muthoni, a Nominated Member of County Assembly, is fighting for the 4 year old son they sired together to be recognized by the late Legislator’s family.

However, some of Okoth’s close family members including his mother, have been treating Ann and her son as outsiders.

Ken’s mother has been denying that his son had a kid out of wedlock despite photos that have been circulating online showing her having a great time with the four year old boy.

A confidante of Ken Okoth, who is also among those in the burial organizing committee, has revealed that he had included his four year old son in his will before he succumbed to cancer last Friday.

“We are not in any way disputing whether the child will be given anything.”

“What we want is that the family should not push this child into the background as if Ken never left any child.”

“Let it be known that Ken left a son whom he loved very much," he said.

He urged Ken’s family to respect the will and stop treating the 4 year old boy as an outsider.
"Ken has put that in the will.”

“Ken has a will, and as I told you, I am Ken’s confidant.”

“I am privy to the will.”

“And the child is catered for in that will," he added.

Okoth had been taking care of the child’s upkeep - including paying for his school fees at an expensive school in Nairobi.


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