Monday August 5, 2019-Members of the ruling Jubilee Party allied to the Kieleweke faction have once again bashed Deputy President William Ruto over allegations of interfering with Mt. Kenya affairs.

Speaking on Sunday, the group of three leaders, who worshipped at the Gatanga Catholic Church, also accused the DP of dividing Mt. Kenya leaders for personal reasons.

Led by Mathioya MP Peter Kimari, the legislators told the DP to keep off Mt Kenya issues, saying that it is not his job to purport to be uniting the region, and should leave it to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

"Deputy President is only a principal assistant to the President and therefore it is the President who can unite leaders should there be any division," he said.

The remark came shortly after Ruto while speaking in Kiharu, called for a reunion between the Tangatanga and Kieleweke teams, which largely consist of leaders from the Central region.

On his side, Gatanga MP Nduati Ngugi said that the job of declaring the region's political direction in 2022 remains in the hands of Uhuru, the region's political kingpin.

“The President will remain the region's political leader. It is wrong for anyone to come to divide Mt Kenya leaders for the sake of 2022 election even when the President is urging us to stop premature campaigns,” he said.

The remarks were echoed by their Kigumo counterpart Wangari Mwaniki, at a time when the DP is obviously keen on winning the region's support as he warms up for his presidential bid.

Mwaniki said that Uhuru will bear the task of negotiating with other politicians on behalf of the vote-rich region. 



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  1. threats are for what!

    what don't you zombie call the whole thing a mungiki meeting and inform none mt Kenyans not to attend cos I don't attend any my Kenyan function cos it full of shit!