Thursday August 1, 2019 - The National Cancer Institute which is mandated to oversee and combat cancer cancer and related issues has outlined the difficulties it undergoes in executing its mandate.

Through a report to Parliament's Health Committee, the NCI revealed that the Sh14 million grant money set aside for them doesn't come to their account directly.

Instead, it goes through another department in the Ministry of Health. 

“Inaugural board was not in control of the allocated funds as they were channelled through a department within the ministry,” reads the July 25, 2019 report.

Health Cabinet Secretary, Sicily Kariuki, through a gazette notice in May 2019, formed this body to help combat cancer. 

NCI is yet to be allocated any staff since its formation three years.

Interestingly, it has had only one staff (Acting Chief Executive Officer, Dr Alfred Karagu) ever since it was set up. 

It has no offices/ building or a vehicle to carry out its mandate. 

“Available funds are not able to mount any nation-wide awareness or screening programs, recruit staff for the institute, fund research, support proper data collection efforts etc," adds the report. 

The report further indicates that the body has only six technical staff and two support staff. 

The institute has been criticised in the past for not showing any signs of combating the disease. 


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