Tuesday, August 13, 2019 - Celebrated Kenyan teen gymnast, Wendy Waeni’s former manager, Joe Mwangi, has accused Citizen TV’s Jeff Konange of using the minor to settle scores.

Taking to twitter, Joe claimed that Jeff is among people who coached the 13-year old to lie and tar his name when she was hosted last week in the JKL Show on Citizen TV.

During the interview, Wendy accused Joe of swindling her and pocketing all the money she made from various performances.

However, Joe has since shared receipts of money he gave Wendy’s mother from her performances and accused her mother of misusing the money.

“And to you @KoinangeJeff , am telling you this without a blink on my eyes,yes you have personal issues with me,you didnt hav to use a MINOR to settle ur issues me,trust you me Wendy will speak out soon,that one i can assure you,you know the role you played in all this,we talk then” Joe wrote on twitter.

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