Saturday August 10, 2019-Kwale Woman Representative, Zuleikha Hassan, has stated that she intentionally went with her five-month-old baby to Parliament just to taste waters, which in the end led to her being chased out of the house.

In an interview on KTN News, the MP explained that she had gotten fed up with the institution for not being favourable to young mothers.

"I knew it was not allowed but I was fed up and said enough was enough," the MP divulged.

When asked if she was aware that Parliament had a crèche, she divulged that she wasn't.

"There is no other Member of Parliament who knows about that room," she remarked.

The Woman Representative added that parliament had taken action to revamp the room, citing that most of the things were new.

"I'm quite happy that Parliament reacted very fast because we can see that most things are extremely new. It actually smells new. I doubt anybody has used it," she noted.



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