Thursday August 8, 2019 - Thirdway Alliance led Punguza Mzigo initiative that is meant to bring a referendum to change the Constitution is now as good as dead.

This is after President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee Party trashed the Punguza Mzigo initiative that is being spearheaded by Thirdway Alliance Leader, Ekuru Aukot, saying it is going nowhere.

In a statement to Kenyans, Jubilee Secretary General, Raphael Tuju, endorsed Raila Odinga’s BBI saying there is need to bring a referendum which is acceptable to all Kenyans

“Now, however, brilliant we may be, a Constitution is about a contract and a contract should involve discussion between the two — the Governed and the Government,” the Jubilee Secretary General said.

“A contract, he noted, is not something a handful of people can sit in a room and say ‘we have some brilliant ideas here of how we should govern this country’.”

“Consultation with Wananchi is very key and that is exactly what the BBI team has been doing and our party is fully behind the team and will adhere to its report,” added Mr Tuju.

This is even as Deputy President William Ruto has vehemently opposed the BBI initiative and appearing to support Aukot’s Punguza Mzigo.


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  1. BBI is as condemned as Lucifer. Only zombies support it as those fallen angles that supported Lucifer in the rebellion.

    The two handshake vampires are Lucifer on the face of Kenya and all those who support the satanic BBI are the fallen zombie angels with a direct ticket to abyss.

  2. Slow down SG Tuju, the BBI is born of a handshake between two people, not 45 million plus Kenyans. So who is fooling who? Either way we want peace and a less burdensome governance than nteh current state of affairs. Find a middle ground and stop trashing initiatives of Aukot and others because one thing is abundantly clear. Punguza Mizigo resonates with the majority of Kenyans. Is that too much to understand?