Friday, August 9, 2019 - Last weekend, Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, treated Kenyans to free drama after he attacked Millie Odhiambo and Isaac Mwaura badly on his facebook page.

Sonko came out guns blazing after Mwaura and Millie Odhiambo accused him of pulling cheap publicity stunts and looking for political mileage during Ken Okoth’s memorial service by spilling the late MP’s dirt in front of mourners.

Mwaura has finally responded after Sonko called him a “Kitombi”(womanizer) and used albinism to mock him.

Sonko’s bloggers have been creating fake stories alleging that Mwaura sleeps with Goldalyn Kakuya, the young girl who topped KCPE.

See his full post.

Mike Mbuvi Sonko you are a true coward. How do you use bloggers to attack me instead of facing me directly? Coward of Nairobi post those things on your wall directly if you are man enough. How do you use a small innocent girl as a shield instead of protecting her. The true bully that you are think that by peddling falsehoods and using intimidation, you will silence those who can see the poor leadership that Nairobi has.

Goldalyn Kakuya, our true little hero is now studying at the prestigious Brookhouse School. After we took her to State House, she was given a scholarship by her Excellency first lady Margaret Kenyatta for her exemplary performance.

She is toping in her class and she needs peace and privacy as a little girl to achieve her dreams. As a father, you would care to protect her and not to drag her into petty squabbles and using albinism as an excuse or some form of weakness. Respect her parents and family too. They don't deserve this cheap publicity antics.

What you should be doing is to concentrate on answering the EACC where the missing billions for nairobians are and who are the 3,000 casual workers that you pay daily including your overzealous bloggers.

Keep Goldalyn Kakuya out of this. You seem to hate any form of good leadership and excellence that casts light on your glaring flaws and incompetence. You are used to intimidating people out of your way.

Ile Bangi mlikuwa mnavuta na Waititu Bunge inaonekana bado inafanya kazi.
Pambana na EACC wacha sarakasi Big bully.

Engage yourself in matters above the the neck not below the waistline.

Nguruwe bado unatupa kinyenzi


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