Wednesday August 28, 2019-Former Kiambu County Governor, William Kabogo, has finally shed the light on claims that he is wanted by Interpol and other US agencies in connection with drug trafficking claims.

On Tuesday, a viral letter went through the social media alleging that the former flamboyant governor is among dozens of Kenyans wanted by US Drug enforcement agencies over drug trafficking syndicate.

The letter said the mentioned persons had connections with the Akasha brothers that pleaded guilty to drug trafficking in a US court.

 But in a rejoinder, Kabogo denied the claims and lashed out at those behind the fake letter.

"Wale, wanaeneza hii ni mashetani washindwe. Na shangaa mbona watu wengine wanatabia za ngurue? Taka taka (Those spreading this fake letter are evil-minded. I wonder why certain people behave like pigs)," Kabogo said.

After pleading guilty, Baktash Akasha was sentenced to 25 years in prison on August 16.

He was also fined Sh10.3 million for the offence of drug trafficking.

Baktash's younger brother Ibrahim Akasha, who faced similar offenses, will be sentenced this November.


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  1. zombie! you married from a drug trafficker who brought down Nakmatta supermarket.
    Don't pretend you are not one of those drug barons.