Monday August 5,2019 - Kenyans on social media  have asked National Super Alliance (NASA) leader, Raila Odinga, to explain to Kenyans why he allowed the importation of 19,000 metrics tons of contaminated maize in 2008 while he was the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kenya.

The shipment which was from South Africa had been condemned as unfit due to high level of carcinogenic elements

Former Kenya Bureau of Standards Managing Director, Kioko Mang’eli, had rejected the entry of the shipment into the country saying subsequent tests had showed high level of chemical contamination of aluminum phosphide.

Mang’eli declared the consignment unfit for humans and animals and ordered the maize reshipped to South Africa.

“The maize is unfit for human consumption and contravenes the provisions of Food, Drugs and Chemical Substances Act and should be reshipped back to country of origin,” Mang’eli said.

The Government Chemist, Mr Mbwagizo Juma, also declared the maize unfit for consumption.

But Raila, who had interest in the shipment, hired a local company identified as Intertek, who later said the consignment was fit for human consumption.

The maize was released into the market and Kioko Mang’eli said in 5-9 years, there will be many cases of cancer in the country due to the poisonous shipment.

Now cancer has become a monster in the country and is killing 80 people daily.

Watch a video from 2011 where Mang’eli as testifying in front of a Parliamentary Committee

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