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Friday August 23, 2019 - Former Kiambu County Governor, Willliam Kabogo, has warned Kenyan politicians against seeking specialised treatment abroad.

This is after a Nigerian Senator was roughed by Nigerians living in Germany for seeking treatment in a Berlin hospital.

In a video that went viral early this week, the politician is seen being beaten up by an angry mob while being asked to return home.

'You want better care!!! We too want some.”

“Build 5-star hospitals to benefit everyone.”

“You are not asked to do it from your pocket, full of money from the people that you steal from us every day.”

“Do it with the budgeted money.”

“Otherwise, we die together," the politician is told by the angry mob.

Kabogo asked Governors and Health Cabinet Secretary, Sicily Kariuki, to take note of what had happened to the Nigerian politician.

"The Lord is also not forgiving the parliamentarians because when we get sick, we go to high-end hospitals, we board planes to other countries in search of better health care.”

“However, we are returned to the country in caskets," Kabogo stated.

Kabogo’s statement has been welcomed by Kenyans who asked those living in diaspora to beat Kenyan politicians who seek medical treatment abroad.

Here is the video if you missed it

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