Friday, August 23, 2019 - Diamond Platnumz has finally broken his silence after word went round that singer Harmonize had ditched his Wasafi music label.

Harmonize has shown all indications that he has left Wasafi after forming his own label identified as Konde Gang.

He even failed to perform during the recent Wasafi Festival.

The mellow voiced singer, who is more talented than his boss, Diamond, has been organizing his own shows and funding his solo projects.

Music lovers have been predicting the fall of Wasafi after Harmonize ditched the label but Diamond says that the mellow voiced singer adds no value to Wasafi.

The self-declared Simba said that he won’t force anyone to stay at the label.

“Ila kama yule mwingine (harmonize) ambae hajataka aondoke zake, kwani sisi anatusaidia na nini? (just like that other guy [harmonize] who did not want, he should leave, go, what is he helping us with?)” He was quoted saying in a recent interview.

It’s alleged that Diamond under-pays artists signed in his label despite their songs topping charts in East Africa and beyond the continent.


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