Friday August 23, 2019-Kiambu Woman Representative, Gathoni Wa Muchomba, left a crowd in stitches after revealing the main qualities that all men should have in order to make their wives happy.

Speaking at Homa Bay High School, during the International Youth Day celebrations on Monday, Muchomba argued that failure by men to satisfy their women in bed was tantamount to abuse, since sex was a requirement for making a marriage successful.

"A man is not only a man because he has genital organs. One who can't perform well in bed does not qualify to be called a man. Unfortunately, some men do not undertake this role effectively," Gathoni fumed.

The fiery legislator was also of the view that men should work hard in order to get money, to help maintain their families.

"There are men who take ladies to a hotel to eat. When they have eaten, they pretend to be going for a nature call but they end up disappearing. Those are 'fake' men. Let young men work hard so that they don't find themselves in a financial quagmire," she stated.

Other than that, Muchomba advised young men seeking to marry, to work on their voices lest they get rejected.

"A man's life is full of challenges but he should use his voice to defend himself and overcome challenges in front of him. A good voice is a big determinant when it comes to single men trying to court a woman," she noted.


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