Thursday, August 08, 2019 - Celebrated Ugandan comedienne, Anne Kansiime, has opened up about her failed marriage and revealed that she paid her own bride price.

While it has been two years since she broke up with her ex-husband and has since moved on with another man, the funny lass reckons that she’s finding it hard to forgive and forget.

Speaking during a TV interview, the petit comedienne said:

“I do not want to go into the details.”

“I was married but you know how you end up paying some of it for yourself.”

“It is sad, do not look at me like that, and I am now an empowered woman,”

“I am saying this for anyone at home who is in a situation that they cannot leave because of what people will think, or if you are nearly getting married but you are tempted to contribute to that dowry.”

“You will feel the way I am feeling.”

When asked why she paid her own bride price she said:

“When you love someone, all you want to do is make them able to pay for you, able to afford you as far as dowry is concerned.”


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  1. Lady, paying dowry for your man you truly vote is assisting him marry you was a noble thing. Don't blame yourself for doing that.

    Some parent have turned their daughters to money milking their daughters lover and their male families dry by demanding huge amounts of dowry to the extent of breaking the heart of the two lovers. Such parents should marry their daughters for real.

    When a relationship breaks don't blame it on dowry.

    Ladies should you miss to get married to your true love cos his financial pocket can't meet the high cost of dowry claimed by zombie parents: such zombie parent should just let their daughter become whores and live with them.

    Ladies, if you know that your zombie parent are gold diggers, just forget about them and start your family with your true love and get married at the AG and shall be well.

    Dowry has be abused by zombie parents and ladies should fight these zombies head on!