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I am in tears as I write this. Over this Christmas I travelled to my village with my wife .I thought it’s a good idea to have her accompany me since my other brothers had come with their wives and children.

One of the challenges I have faced in life is that I am impotent. I have tried to make my wife pregnant since 2014 but I haven’t managed. I have now decided to live with the fact that I am childless.

The first day we arrived at home everything was okay. We went to sleep in our house while our other relatives had a common house they slept. What happened the following day will forever remain in my hippocampus. That night I had gone to have some drink in a local pub and as usual my wife expected me to overstay in the pub…but that never happened. I took a drink and at exactly 9 pm I decided to go home.

As I was approaching my house, I heard noise:”Ingiza yote”,”nimekuanikia”.I went near to hear who was producing the sound…oh my goodness!!! it was my wife. I pushed the door hard, only to find my younger brother sweating on her.

I wanted to beat them like a mburukenge but my wife quickly said, “I am trying to help you get a child, real men make their wives pregnant!” The statement finished me completely. I just banged the door and went to sleep in a guest house.

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