So, the money bath should be performed at night during a new moon. Follow the steps below to perform this spiritual ritual: 

1. Prepare the bathtub with warm water and pour an entire small jar of honey into it. 

2. Sprinkle all the coins into the bathtub. 

3. Now step into the bathtub and soak yourself in the water. Rub the honey on your skin like a monkey playing with a pile of money. 

4. Grab a fistful of coins and let them fall through your fingers, splashing into the water. Make sure the coins create a clinking sound as they fall. This sound is going to attract good fortune in your life. 

5. Honey plays the role of a magical herb. Given its sweetness, it will make your life sweet, too. Since it is sticky by nature, it can attract several types of energies to you. The purpose of performing a money bath is to attract financial prosperity, so you have to lather the coins in honey and put them on your skin. This will help the financial energy stick to your life.
Time for the ceremony after the bath

When you are taking the money bath, it is also recommended to take your time. Once you think you are done, complete the bath by gathering the coins and placing them back into the honey jar. Hold on to this money like a monkey would hold onto its banana. Place this jar on the altar and start the ceremony. You will need a green candle. 

Light it up, take a piece of paper and write your intentions. You must also visualize yourself being wealthy. After this, burn the paper with the flame of the green candle. A money bath isn’t a onetime tradition. You must keep on performing it for the following lunar cycle. 

To make it easier, perform 3 ritual baths. One during a half-moon, one during a full moon and one during a new moon.

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