Monday August 5, 2019 - Renowned columnist and scholar, Prof Makau Mutua, has questioned Deputy President William Ruto's source of money which he has been donating to churches. 

Since he became Deputy President in 2013, the DP has been contributing huge amounts of money in churches and this makes Makau Mutua think that Ruto has more money than God.

“Every weekend, and sometimes twice on Sundays, Mr Ruto carpet-bombs churches in Central Kenya and Luhya country with wads of cash.”

“The clerics have received the loot as though it was manna from heaven.”

“The mullah isn’t in the thousands, but tens of millions of precious shillings.”

“I should be forgiven for thinking that Mr Ruto has more money than God," Mutua wrote in an article a local publication.

Mutua added that Ruto’s refusal to declare his wealth publicly shows that he has something to hide.


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