Monday August 5, 2019 - Third Way Alliance party leader, Dr Ekuru Aukot, has revealed the name of a top High Court Judge who is being used by corrupt barons in Government who are against Punguza Mzigo bill.

On Friday last week, High Court Judge James Makau temporarily halted the debate on Punguza Mzigo bill for 14 days to allow other parties named in the petition to respond.

He was acting on a petition by David Kamau Ngari popularly known as Gakuyo who argues that there is no referendum law to facilitate the changes sought by Aukot.

Weighing in on the ruling on Sunday, Aukot fired shots at the judge over claims that he has joined a group of old Goovernment operatives who are out to scuttle the Punguza Mizigo drive.

He claimed that Justice Makau is being used by some political players on the opposite side.

"Of course, I'm very unhappy with that judgement but am also unhappy with that judge Makau.”

“Justice Makau is being convenient, I think he is being used politically to frustrate this Punguza Mizigo.”

“He is used by the opponents of this Punguza Mizigo,” Aukot said.


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