Sunday August 11, 2019-Details have emerged about a Jubilee Party meeting in which President Uhuru Kenyatta read the riot act and seemingly angered a faction of Rift Valley MPs.

In an interview, Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu revealed that after the Tangatanga group had reportedly become rampant with campaigning, the president convened the meeting seemingly angry.

He was annoyed with what Ngunjiri termed as “outright disrespect” as the leaders launched projects with some reportedly being non-existent.

In the meeting, which was contained of a Jubilee Parliamentary Group, is where he read the riot act and from that meeting, Tangatanga leaders reportedly claimed that they had been harshly reprimanded.

“That’s the meeting where Rift Valley MPs said tulisomewa (we were reprimanded). It is true it happened, but the President was justified and some of us had been waiting for that moment,” Ngunjiri told the publication.

At the same time, Wambugu denied that he was not opposed to Deputy President William Ruto's presidency.

“I asked the Tangatanga MPs, how would you feel if as soon as you are elected, you hear your constituency manager is launching non-existent projects in your backyard, even without your knowledge? Isn’t that disrespectful? That is exactly what was happening to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“Now, they came bullying me in Nyeri, ostensibly to hold a fundraiser, they put so much focus and attention on me. Actually, I say it’s they who made me," he argued.


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