Thursday August 8, 2019 – The United States Government has urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to take more action on those State officers accused of siphoning public funds.

Speaking during the opening the Media Council of Kenya’s Annual Media Summit at Hotel Intercontinental on Thursday, US Ambassador to Kenya, Kyle McCarter, noted that Kenya cannot afford to allow a few greedy individuals to continue plundering resources and keep relying on donor funding.

The Ambassador also said Kenya has enough resources and can emerge as Africa’s economic giant if corruption is stopped and resources used adequately.

“Kenya has resources.”

“I believe it should invest its material and human resources, especially the youth,” McCarter said.

"Allow me to talk like a politician because I have been one for many years in the US.”

“Thievery has denied this country an opportunity to prosper," McCarter added.

He also challenged the media to play its role of holding the country’s leaders to account.


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