Thursday August 8, 2019 - Former Kibwezi MP, Kalembe Ndile, has come out to speak about rumours doing rounds online and in the media that he intends to sell his political party, Tip Tip, to Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko.

Speaking to the media, Kalembe noted he cannot sell The Independent Party (TIP TIP) to anyone because the party does not exist.

He stated that the party was dissolved in 2017 and enjoined into the President Uhuru Kenyatta-led Jubilee Party

“I have seen some rumours in the social media claiming that I want to sale the dead party to Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.”

“Those spreading the rumours are idlers with a motive of tarnishing my image since the party was officially dissolved even at the Registrar of Political Parties,” stated Kalembe.

The former lawmaker added that those claiming he was shopping for a buyer for the party were rumour mongers who are out to tarnish his image.

In 2017, TIP TIP was among the thirteen political parties that were dissolved to merge with Jubilee Party in order to push for President Kenyatta’s re-election in 2017.

Kalembe was rewarded for his move to dissolve his party after President Kenyatta appointed him as a member of the Tanathi Water Works Development Agency for a period of 3 years.


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