Friday August 9, 2019 - Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, is the latest addition in the growing list of impatient Kenyans that have fallen prey for shortcuts to avoid hectic situations.

Taking to social media, Sonko disclosed that while traveling to the burial service of the late Bomet Governor, Joyce Laboso, he got caught up in traffic.

In a desperate attempt to beat it, Sonko's driver followed a Subaru that seemed to be pursuing a short-cut to beat the snarl-up.

50 other cars followed them in the narrow, dusty and one-way road only to realise the path ends at the Subaru owner's homestead.

"Last Friday evening nikienda mazishi ya (while heading to the burial of) the late Governor Joyce Laboso, there was a heavy traffic jam in Limuru. One driver in a Subaru took a diversion on a rough road, my driver followed and later, more than 50 cars followed suit as we thought we were taking a shortcut to escape from the jam.

"After more than 4kms, the driver of the Subaru opened a gate and entered his home. There was no through way and we were all stuck as we were following someone who had taken a shortcut to his destination," posted Sonko.

"You can imagine more than 50 vehicles reversing. We wasted so many hours because of our impatience," he added.

The Governor likened that experience to the life of many Nairobians who try to get out of tough situations instead of facing them head-on.

"This was a replication of the mistakes many people make in life, blindly following others yet their destinations are different.”

"How many times have you followed or admired the lives of others? In matters of destiny, patience is the key. When you meet obstacles and challenges face them. Don't try to come out of them the way others do. Their ways are not your way. Define your destiny and follow it, don't allow others to dictate your way," he added.


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