Thursday August 1, 2019 - Nyali Member of Parliament, Mohamed Ali, has sensationally stated that God will continue punishing Kenyan leaders for failing to pass Bills guaranteeing equality in access to healthcare.

Speaking on Tuesday, the former investigative journalist, bemoaned the lack of seriousness in addressing the gaps in the country's public health system.

"God will continue punishing us leaders because we have failed to pass laws for the common people.”

“We have failed to pass laws for justice.”

“We have failed to pass laws for equality and God will punish us so that we can be an example to the poor”

“(Mungu atazidi kutuadhibu kwa sababu sisi viongozi tumeshindwa kutunga sheria za wananchi. Tumeshindwa kutunga sheria za haki. Tumeshindwa kutunga sheria za usawa, na Mungu atatuadhibu tuwe kama mfano kwa maskini)," the Nyali MP said.

He wondered why issues of healthcare only come up when prominent members of the society lose their lives.

Mohamed Ali's sobering words come amid a raging debate on the state of healthcare in Kenya following the deaths of Kibra MP, Ken Okoth, and Bomet Governor, Dr Joyce Laboso, over cancer.

His words mirrored the sentiments of scores of Kenyans who are forced to seek medical attention overseas because of an inadequate public health system.

He noted that the two deaths should be an eye opener, adding that proper measures should be put in place to combat cancer.


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