It saddens me and breaks my heart that 2 former Kenya 7s side players, Frank Wanyama and Alex Olaba, might now face a life imprisonment or at least 14yrs jail term each after Court found them guilty of rape!

I might not be so much privy to the events of that night but I know God, the 2 players and the victim know the TRUTH.

Having said that,  let me add that there is a possibility that these 2 men are being punished over something they are completely innocent of. The court relied on evidence which was medical reports from hospital which proved that truly they had sexual engagements with the complainant that particular night.

This can be a case of a sweet night of an agreed threesome and the lady took advantage and decided to blackmail the 2 men. It is very possible too that the players might have decided to get intimate with that lady without her consent, which definitely translates to rape. Either of the above can be true, either can be wrong.

Before feminists land on me with curses and insults, let me state categorically that my sentiments doesn't in any way imply that I support rapists nor do I support the act itself. It is a crime, satanic and any perpetrator found guilty of it must be punished according to the law with little mercy.

The only message I would like to leave to my fellow men with is that we have become endangered species and we must start being extra careful in our actions. Make sure that any time you decide to swim in the river between the two ridges, there is a clear written and signed agreement by both parties engaging in the important but risky exercise.

 Time has come that we must not trust anybody including ourselves. We must protect and arm ourselves with tangible evidence all the time or else we'll all rot in prison!

Endangered species,

Generali Osumo Jnr

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  1. ni sawa tu lakini ajue shoka imemngoja

  2. The female musician Wendy Kemunto is 24, beautiful and very fertile....the young men Alex Mahaga Olaba 23 and Frank Wanyama 22 rugby stars are very virile, strong, full of energy, vigor, and sexual potency..the 3 drunk heavily while celebrating her birthday Feb 10 2018 and the girl claims both raped her repeatedly the entire night without condom and she became pregnant. After the 3some she doesn't know who among them made her pregnant. They rugby stars claim sex was consensual. They took a video of the whole episode but erased the tape. They claim Wendy sent them text messages demanding money when she realized she was pregnant but they refused to play ball.. However, a simple venipuncture DNA forensic procedure nailed them..The million $$$ question is who among the 2 rugby stars made her pregnant ? Chief magistrate Martha Mutuku must unravel this scientific mystery. Criminal defense Lawyer Cliff Ombeta would have blown this case into smithereens....😎😎😎

  3. Mwenye mimba ni yule alitomba kuma but yule wa sewege.hehehehehe

  4. You state that you know nothing and then proceed to speculate in favour of the two males?