Thursday August 8, 2019-Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko has earned himself a doctorate degree from a prestigious university in Dubai.

Sonko was awarded a prestigious degree for his great work as a leader. 

The flamboyant city boss took to his social media platform to share this great news. 

"I'm delighted to be conferred with an honorary doctorate Degree of Excellence by the European Digital University at the University of Dubai, for my positive role in changing the society," he said. 

Speaking during the ceremony, Sonko highlighted some of the great things he has done for Nairobi, as its governor. 

"As the governor of the Nairobi City County, the biggest city in Kenya. I am pleased to be part of this inaugural event," reads part of Sonko's speech. 

Through his charitable team dabbed the Sonko Rescue Team, Sonko has managed to help people in different ways that affect their normal living. 

Sonko has been on the rise in transforming the city. He has managed to clean various parts of Nairobi in a bid to make it a world-class city. 

More so, he has been on the forefront in assisting the less fortunate in the society regardless of where they come from. 

He is also always ready to protect those who are being oppressed by politicians and other greedy rich individuals in the country. 

He has vowed to continue with his great work to the people as this is what he was elected to do.

This is even as he is seen as having a bad record, especially with women, with the latest one being Nairobi Woman Rep, Esther Passaris, whom he has accused of soliciting sex from him and corruption.



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