Thursday, August 22, 2019 - A Cabinet Minister has become the talk of social media after word went round that her nudes may soon hit the web.

Evelyn Anite, State Minister for Privatisation in the Ugandan Government, called a press statement and said that “the mafia” popularly known as cartels in Kenya, are plotting to kill her career by leaking her nude photos.

She said that they have been meeting in Kampala to plan the character assassination over her role in revamping the struggling Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL).

“These mafias are not jokers.”

“I will die while shouting that the mafias are coming until they take me down.”

“They follow me and they are tapping my phone.”

“You know the mafias, those who have been trying to block the audit.”

“We shall chase the wrong people out of government and bring the right ones.”

“How do you put public funds on private accounts?”

“I am not seeking attention, these are facts,” she told the press.

The Minister said that there is nothing wrong with taking nude photos and added that her husband is in possession of her nudes.

“It’s okay for anyone to have nude pictures if you know how to keep them.”

“I am entitled to have nude pictures and my husband has them,” she added.

Here’s a photo of the Minister whose nudes may leak anytime from now.

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