Friday, August 16, 2019 - There is a new craze in town dubbed ‘Vagina Steaming’ but experts have warned Kenyan women about the harmful effects of this procedure.

Vaginal steaming involves squatting over a pot and exposing their vaginas to steaming herbs in order to “cleanse” the couchie.

Spas and salons advertising “v-steaming” state that the practice, which is sometimes called Yoni steaming, acts to “detox” the vagina and helps tighten the vaginal walls.

However, experts have warned that this procedure is dangerous and could lead to burns, irritation and, in some cases, urinary tract infections.

Dr. Nelly Bosire, a gynecologist based in Nairobi, speaking on this crazy fad said:

“The vaginal environment is not sterilised.”

“Bacteria and yeasts depend on the acidic-based balance to survive.”

“The moment we change this by using herbs and steam, we are changing its chemical composition and inviting problems,”

She adds:

“This is not as forward-thinking and interesting as women would want to make it look.”

“Why would you harm yourself yet it has no benefit, health-wise.”

On the same breath, Dr Akula, a Gynecologist base in Western Kenya advises that the vagina is a self-cleaning organ that functions just fine by cleaning itself without the need for steaming.

“If the water is too hot, you could burn your vaginal walls because the vagina is made up of very delicate tissue.”

“Another thing is, you could upset the PH balance of your vagina, bringing about yeast infections and UTIs, as well as irritation — the same things that you’re trying to keep off in the first place with vaginal steaming,” said Dr Akula.


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