Monday, August 19, 2019-The wife of slain IEBC ICT manager, Chris Msando, has found new lover  2 years after her husband was brutally murdered.

Msando was abducted and tortured to death alongside his side-chick and then his body dumped in a forest in Kikuyu, two kilometers from the main road.

Before his mutilated body was found, he was reported missing.

The Kenyan DAILY POST has learnt that his ex-wife Eva Msando is pregnant after finding a new lover.

Eva landed a lucrative job in the Government after she was appointed as a board member to the Export Processing Zones(EPZ) authority for a period of three years starting September 2018.

After landing the Government job, she cut communication with late husband’s family.
Recently, Msando’s family accused Eva of abandoning them after the death of her husband.
Apparently, they have not seen her for over a year.

She even skipped her husband’s 2nd Anniversary event on Saturday.

“ We don’t know why she did not come. She does not want anything to do with us. It seems she has moved on with life. She does not answer my calls but my mother’s only.” Msando’s brother said.

Keep it The Kenyan DAILY POST as we unmask the man behind her pregnancy.


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  1. Can you people mind you own business.Eva is young less than 45 years she has a right to continue with her life..yes they wer happily married before ruto greasily murdered the hubby..she has overcome the the grief though she won't forget.Please leave her alone...she didn't choose to be a widow at early age...remember God saythe...the widows and orphans are mine ..