Tuesday August 13, 2019 - Nairobi Woman Representative, Esther Passaris, has disclosed that she was the one who introduced Governor Mike Sonko to politics.

Passaris was speaking in Nairobi at a consultative meeting with ODM Party Chair Ladies from Nairobi’s constituencies.

“I am the one who introduced Sonko to politics.”

“In 2008, he was part of my campaign team.”

“He is the one who gave me a matatu.”

“However in 2008, he was responsible for my downfall.”

“In 2013 he again let me down,” Passaris divulged.

She further detailed how Sonko made amends for causing her downfall in previous elections.

“In 2017, to say the truth, he played a role in bringing me back to ODM after Jubilee rejected me in favour of Peter Kenneth.”

“He even promised to see me become Governor or his Deputy Governor after he saw Jubilee won't give him the green light to go for the gubernatorial seat,” she stated.

Passaris went on to reveal that Sonko was in contact with NASA and had even contemplated going to vie in Machakos County.

Sonko would later wonder what had happened with Passaris’ decision to bow out of the 2017 Nairobi gubernatorial race.

“I told him that I had done so because I could not afford to raise money for the gubernatorial position and I never thought I would able to do so at a later time.”

“I didn’t want to waste people’s time.”

“And my degree from USIU had not been certified yet.”

“He told me that he had spoken with Raila Odinga on my return to ODM.”

“I met Raila and went home,” Passaris narrated.

The Woman Rep further touched on the controversial story that she had invited Sonko to a hotel, after Sonko went on a rant about how Passaris was corrupt and that she had tried wooing him.

“I am a woman and I respect myself.”

“I have my husband and my children.”

“I have never invited the Governor to my hotel.”

“I have never drooled on him as a man but I see him as a leader,” she spoke out.


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