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Wednesday August 28, 2019-Nairobi Woman Representative, Esther Passaris, had to play coy so as to avoid sparking public drama when she spotted her husband with a mistress in a top city hotel.

Passaris recalled how she walked into the restaurant for a lunch meeting with a business partner, only to bump into her husband, Pius Ngugi, having lunch with another woman.

Upon seeing the two, Passaris noticed that they were hanging out and not having a business meeting. However, she calmly walked to the table and smiled, despite having mixed emotions in her heart.

"I walked in and greeted him. I also called him darling then I went back to my table," Passaris recalled.

Later in the day, the two met at home and her husband was shocked at why Passaris had not reacted upon seeing him hang out with a mistress.

"Darling, what did you want me to do? You wanted me to fight with you in public? I had a business lunch there while you had another woman.” 

"Was it something I needed to fight for? A man is not my God. I cannot fight over a man," Passaris narrated.

She went on to reveal that her husband had another wife and that she usually buys gifts for her and her stepchildren, whenever she travels outside the country. 

"I have been in situations where when the other woman is in a fix. I step forward to help. I ask my husband to sort it out and also ensure she is well kept. Ashazaa huko nje (He already sired outside our marriage). Are you going to let the other women’s children suffer? I fight for all women; I fight for all children, okay?”

 "Even if it is my husband with another woman out there, at the end of the day, ni mtoto wa bwanangu, ni ndugu ya watoto wangu (He/she is my husband's child, he/she is a sibling to my children," Passaris divulged.


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