Wednesday August 14, 2019 - The National Youth Service (NYS) has been hit with another scandal following Auditor General Edward Ouko's revelation indicating that the management had spent close to KSh 533 million on projects that only exist on paper.

In a report from the OAG, Ouko said that the money in question was set aside to construct furniture markets in Karen and Ngong Road but no work has ever been done, two years down the line.

The Auditor General noted that apart from failing to carry out the project, the management of NYS unnecessarily exaggerated the cost of the project from the initial budget of KSh 196.5 million to KSh 533 million.

"In view of the foregoing, the propriety of the expenditure of KSh 532,950,990 on the construction of both Ngong Road and Karen markets could not be ascertained," said Ouko.

According to the report, the materials for construction of the stalls in Ngong was estimated to cost KSh 143 million and KSh 53.5 million for Karen, totaling to the budged amount of KSh 196.5 million.

The Auditor General noted that the management could neither explain the necessity nor ascertain how the extra KSh 336.5 million, which inflated the total cost to KSh 533 million, was used.


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