Friday, August 16, 2019 - This lady has left tongues wagging and jaws dropping after salivating over her cousin’s big cassava.

The crazy lady took to social media to reveal her cousin is super endowed and vowed to have sex with him.

She wrote:

“My cousin dick is carbon copy of horse dick.”

“Father Lord forgive me cos I will taste it”

While netizens have condemned her incestuous lust, it is worth noting that sexual relations between cousins in Kenya is not illegal.

Three years ago, High court Judge James Makau ruled that the Sexual Offenses Act does not mention cousins under the offense of incest which is sex among relatives.

The ruling came in a judgment summary after a woman took her nephew to court for sleeping with her daughter.

“The National Assembly did not leave out the clause on cousins by intention but by the fact that in some cultures in Kenya, like the Hindus and Muslims, sexual acts and marriage between cousins are allowed. It is not criminalised,” said Makau

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