Thursday August 8, 2019-Thirdway Alliance boss Ekuru Aukot has yet again dismissed Building Bridges Initiative as an agreement between two individuals, which does not have backing from Kenyans.

Speaking during an interview, Aukot said the initiative remains unconstitutional and cannot be used as a shortcut in intended constitutional amendments.

According to Aukot, who was also part of the team of experts who drafted the current constitution, BBI is a gift to Raila Odinga from President Uhuru Kenyatta ahead of 2022 polls.

“That BBI is a confusion, directionless, duplicitous of functions and a waste of money. If I had that Sh10 billion given to them I would build proper classrooms... It is an agreement between two individuals and does not represent 46 million Kenyans,” said Aukot.

 “I think Uhuru sympathised so much with Raila that he decided to give him a political gift of campaigning for 2022, because... how come out of the nine points none them says go collect views to seek to amend the Constitution,” added Aukot.

The BBI team is set to handover report to Uhuru and Raila in September, and the report is set to be used as a basis to push for constitutional amendments that will affect governance.

Already, all major political parties have backed BBI, throwing Aukot's popular initiative into shambles. Majority of MCAs belong to Jubilee and ODM parties.

Raila has insisted that there must be changes in the Constitution before Kenyans head to polls in 2022.


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