Monday, August 19, 2019-There was drama after the side-chick of a Kasarani based pastor tagged his wife photos getting mushy with her husband.

The woman who stays upcountry looking  after her husband’s shamba  and kids found out that her husband has secretly re-married a new woman in the city- a single mother of three.

Apparently, her husband’s side-chick tagged her photos  getting mushy with her husband and behaving like teenagers in love , leading to  a full blown war that left the Netizens stunned.

We understand that the pastor who owns a church in  Mwiki has abandoned his biological kids and wife after falling in love with his new side-chick.

When his first wife confronted him, he told her that the  Holy Spirit has detached him from his first family.

He  has abandoned  his first wife and kids after being confused by the side-chick.

This is how the drama transpired.

Here are photos that the pastor’s side-chick tagged his wife on facebook.


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