Thursday August 29, 2019-Former Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Commissioner, Dr Rosylene Akombe, has shared her thoughts about the sorry state of national carrier, Kenya Airways.

On Wednesday morning, Kenya Airways, commonly known as KQ, announced half year loss of Sh 8.5 billion, making it the first company in Kenya to make such a huge loss in span of six months.

The airline attributed the gigantic loss to increased operating costs in the wake of its expansion into new routes and the return of two Boeing 787 planes that had been sub-leased to Oman Air.

Now according to Rosylene Akombe, who is in exile in United States, the company is making losses because some prominent Kenyan family is making billions in profit out of the losses made by the national carrier.

Though she refused to mention the name of the family, it is on record that the Kenyatta‘s family is among few connected families who call the shorts at KQ.

“...and there is a family making lots of money from this airline as our taxes are used to bail it out,” Dr Akombe wrote on her Twitter page.


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  1. Recently there was such a chaotic lines at immigrations at JKI that i was ashamed as a Kenyan. Everywhere everyone is complaining about KQ. Those who are hurting KQ are the once DCI needs to go after bila kujali ni akina nani.

  2. There's a survey that most of the best performing students in schools, colleges, name all institutions are the laziest when it comes to physical performance. They have the best points but poorest in implementing them. The likes of Akombe are best in opposition and not in presidency.