Tuesday, August 13, 2019 - Self-declared boss lady, Zari Hassan, has finally cleared the air on allegations that she flew to Nairobi to meet a popular Governor for an expensive round of sex.

According to online rumours, the sexy socialite met Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko for a night of sex that cost him 20,000 dollars (Ksh 2 Million).

However, she trashed the rumours that spread on social media like bushfire and revealed that she was in Kenya for work.

“I saw a story doing rounds that I went to Kenya to sell myself.”

“If you are a woman and thinking that and you admire me, why can’t you do it as well?”
“You claim I was given Ksh 2 Million for a night.”

“Market yourself so that your honeypot can also be worth 20,000 dollars.”

“There’s nothing like me selling myself for.”

“I went to Kenya for work” she said.


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