Tuesday August 6, 2019 - The family of the late Kibra MP, Ken Okoth, has revealed its next course of action after a closed-door meeting with ODM Chairman, John Mbadi, and Kasipul MP, Eva Obara.

Speaking to journalists after the intense discourse, Mbadi, who is also the MP for Suba South, revealed that the family had decided not to bury a banana trunk as prescribed by the Luo culture. 

Instead, they will organise a prayer service for the deceased legislator. 

“We’ve held an indoor meeting with Angelina and her family members and agreed that nothing will be buried in this home instead of Okoth’s body,” stated Mbadi. 

The ODM boss further said that the family had agreed to resolve issues which cropped up following the cremation of the lawmaker's body on Saturday. 

“The family members have also agreed to bury the hatchet following differences which occurred after Okoth’s death,” he added.

Mbadi went on to add that although cultural practices must be upheld, the family also needs to accept the fact that times have changed. 


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