Tuesday, August 20, 2019-The family of late Kikuyu Benga singer, John De-Mathew, who perished on Sunday after a grisly road accident, has refuted claims that his wives may  cause drama during his funeral that is slated for Saturday.

De-Mathew’s family revealed that he was a proud polygamist and added that he took care of his two wives-Sabina Wairimu and Carolyne Waithira, as well as his kids.

DeMathew’s younger brother, Evans Mburu, said the family has talked to his two wives and assured mourners  that there will be no drama during the burial.
 “We recognise the two wives, Mama Shiku (Wairimu) and Waithera. His two wives are known and we have talked to them. Everyone knows that he has two wives and they will not fight,” Mburu said.
The late singer will be buried this coming Saturday.

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