Thursday August 8, 2019 – The Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI), George Kinoti, has summoned Trade Cabinet Secretary, Peter Munya, today over the illegal importation of edible oil worth Sh 10 billion.

In 2018, Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) impounded the consignment and declared it unfit for consumption because it lacked vitamin A.

However, the consignment was released unconditionally after Munya wrote to Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) boss, James Mburu.

Kinoti raised concern over the release of the consignment saying it had not indicated clearly if the product was to be sold to the consumers directly or it was to undergo further processing.

In a letter to Munya, Kinoti asked the CS to explain how he arrived at the decision to release the consignment unconditionally despite the fact that it was substandard.

He argued that if the product was to be released to the public, then, they ought to be informed of the missing ingredients for them to make informed decisions.

“Kenyans should be informed that the product released lacks vitamin A which is a requisite requirement in importing it...Why should we release substandard goods without any attached condition?" Kinoti posed.


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