Sunday, August 4, 2019-Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, has taken another jibe at Mbita MP, Millie Odhiambo.

This time round, the controversial Governor, who can do anything to seek  publicity and get political mileage, used Millie Odhiambo’s barrenness to attack her.

Millie revealed in a past interview that she is incapable of giving birth, a sensitive topic that is rarely discussed but Sonko used her incapability of bearing children  to attack her.

“My sister Millie Mabona Odhiambo. In as much as I fight for the rights of the silent majority women who are always major victims in such cases, my response to you is simple. You just said you love sex and whoever you have it with is none of my business! But you miss my point. Just the way you have opened your mouth wide in this picture, I am longing for the day you shall open wide your legs to give birth to a child so that you experience the pain that the mothers I am defending go through. You must respect those single mothers who struggle with their kids as men go missing.He posted on his official facebook page.


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  1. I personally nilimfira Mike Sonko Mbuvi pale shimo-la-Tewa even Hassan Joho knows it...that is why they rarely see each other face to face...SONKO alianza ushoga or usenge pale Kwale high school early 90's...ule ushetane amefanya Mombasa hii hadi mkundu nikafira...he can not erect am telling you people mkundu wake uko wazi na alwaya he uses cotton to seal the big ass hole. Ni mimi Obororo sailor boy county 001 kijana wa Sultan Joho