Friday August 16, 2019 - Renowned human rights crusader, Boniface Mwangi, has taken on the Kenyatta family for 'exploiting' dairy farmers while further alleging that Kenya is owned by the family.

In a tweet on Friday, the fearless activist posted screenshots displaying milk firm, Brookside, notifying Kenyans of pay cuts for milk received from farmers.

The messages allegedly from the milk processor stated that a Sh 2 and Sh 3 downward cut for milk supplied will be applied in future remittances.

"Dear supplier, due to market forces beyond our control, raw milk prices have been reviewed downwards by 3/= per Kg from 07/08/2019. For details, sms 22323," read one message sent on 6th this month.

Mwangi claims that this is over-exploitation of Kenyans by Kenyattas and claimed that Kenya should be named Kenyatta because his family controls everything.

“President Kenyatta's family has almost full monopoly in the dairy industry.”

“They're exploitatively buying a litre of milk for between Sh25-27.”

“Let's rename Kenya to Kenyatta after all they have Kenya's title deed," Mwangi said.


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