Wednesday, August 28, 2019- Kenyan Gospel singer, Jimmy Gait, is a relieved man after medical tests in India cleared him of cancer.

Taking to You Tube, the singer who has been in India for the last two weeks, revealed that the diagnosis left him shocked.

This is because the results he got from Indian doctors contradicted the prognosis the Kenyan doctors had given him.

He revealed how the Kenyan Doctors were only interested in money and had even recommended he gets throat surgery without running further tests.

Gait also revealed that if not treated properly, his condition could have caused stomach cancer.

He said: “Even before I show you the results, you know…. (Sighs) it was so shocking for me. When I contacted doctors in Nairobi with my problem, they just listened to me and gave me medication and the problem would still persist. And eventually I met this ENT doctor who said I needed surgery and I was not convinced, so I went to another one again and he listened to me and quickly said the same thing.”

“The two had quoted for me figures that were so high and they were actually telling me, you know in these big hospitals if you do the operation they’ll charge you this much and we’ll just charge you half the price. And he was so transactional, it wasn’t about helping me but how much money they would get.”

“If they had operated on my throat, they could not have solved the problem because it was coming from my tummy. And what the doctor’s told me is that it could have graduated to stomach cancer!

Cases of misdiagnosis are rampant in Kenya and this shows how most doctors are only interested in money no wonder cancer cases are rising by the day.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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